Oreo Spiders, Turkey Time and a Giveaway Reminder

I'm almost finished decorating for Halloween and am putting the finishing touches on our hallway bulletin board tomorrow! We've had fun making bats, scarecrows and sparkly pumpkins this week! Soon the Halloween festivities will be coming to a close and it will time to start thinking about Thanksgiving bulletin boards, lessons and activities! I've been making this cute and simple little guy with my class for years and just made patterns for him!

I've included some fun writing pages I thought I would assemble into some adorable classbooks to display at conferences. I think the families would get a kick out of reading them. It's always funny to see what kids come up with for the How to Save Tom Turkey and How to Cook a Turkey!

You can see it at my TPT shop by clicking on the picture!

I think he's cute. I hope you like him too!

These goodies are for making Oreo spiders next week! Target carries the string licorice to use for legs! We are also making glittery spider webs!

To make the web, trace a pattern onto the black paper with a white crayon. Students follow the line with liquid glue. Clear or silver glitter looks great!
I cut the loop off of a plastic spider ring and hot glue it onto the web.

Remember there's still lots of time to enter the giveaway for the TPT, Teachers Notebook and Starbucks gift certificates!

Hope it has been a great week for you!

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