Technology Tip Tuesday and a Focus Wall Poster Set

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It's Technology Tip Tuesday! Here are some random techy things I wanted to share that I thought might be helpful for you too. 

 I've been working on a few items for the new school year. Our school has parent night the first week. If you're like me, its one of your least favorite things to do. Nerves take over and it's never my best presentation. Here are some ways technology can help! 

Create a brochure handout for parents and use that as a guide to help you be sure you stay on track and cover all of the important points. 

Here is a template for a PowerPoint document. I find this to be much easier to work in than Word templates. You can easily change the text and pictures to customize it and add some cute! 

Here's a sneak peak at mine:

You can also create a Smart Notebook file or PowerPoint to show. I like to have my parents use the pen tools to sign in on the Smartboard. They love trying it out!

 Lots is lost over summer vacation. Sharpen a pencil and your student handwriting too!  Here's a link to a great site where you can create D'Nealian handwriting worksheets for free!

At a recent training, I was introduced to Voki. You or your students can create a talking avatar customized to resemble you to deliver any message you like. Yes, it talks and in different languages if you like! A Voki can be added to a PowerPoint, Website or blog. It's a real attention grabber! There are lots of tutorials on the site to help you along!

A day late...

Here's my Made it Monday and a Must Have from yesterday. This is a poster set for displaying common core I can statement posters and daily learning objectives in an organized way. It has several large posters with a variety of wording and lots of mini-posters for just about every subject area I could think of! I bought a set of fantastic common core posters and had no organized way of displaying them. Must have cute and color-coordinating things!

My Monday made it is not really a DIY or anything but this is what I brought home!

63 posters printed, laminated and nearly all cut out! 

I'm so excited about my new posters and can't wait to get them up! 

Look at these fabulous sets! 

My CAFE board

Table signs (my freebie on TPT), lesson plan book cover, welcome sign and name poster from Christie! If you know where to find her, please let me know so I can link this! I bought and downloaded so many great things recently, I'm losing track!

Genre posters from Ladybug's Teacher Files

Great stuff huh?

Since this is my newest item, the first one to comment saying they would like the Focus Wall Poster Set gets it for free!

I'll try to write a bit tomorrow for Where I Teach Wednesday and tell you about my wonderful school! If I can get through the hallways that are being waxed, I'll take some photos of the beautiful Native American artwork through the halls and our giant dream-catcher! 


  1. I just found your blog through the linky and I must say I am loving the coffee theme! So cute :)

    Your Focus Wall posters look great!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

    1. Hi Susan! I'm so glad you found me! I stopped by your blog too!It's fantastic! I love your ice cream social pack!If you would like the Focus Wall Poster Set, send me your email and I'll get them to you!

  2. Looks like some fun stuff! Be sure to post a picture on your CAFE board.. I'd love to see how you set it up =)


    1. Thanks Danielle! I am too!:) Working on boards and borders today!


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