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While enjoying my morning coffee, I found a few wonderful resources for the SMARTboard that I thought I'd share with you!  I know that many of you are just getting started with your SMARTboard and could use a little help. Creating SMART Notebook files can be challenging and often time-consuming. The Smart Exchange is a great resource, but I found more sites where you can download free files to get started.

Simply First Grade Fun has many math files for grades K-2. I just downloaded a super cute back to school bingo file to use on the first day of school.

Mrs. Sears website has tons of great files for every type of lesson and theme! You should go check it out and see if there are some freebies there to grab!

Even though I have had my SMARTboard for a few years, I find that I just don't have to time to create all of the files I want! The Smart Lesson Stop is site to purchase lessons for all subjects. Most files are only $2.50 which I think is a great buy! I have a fun and interactive Calendar Math file, a Gingerbread Man file and a few others at my shops too!

I just created a new Classroom Decor Set called Classroom Crazy! It will be posted later today I hope! Here's a preview! It is editable with the exception of the welcome banner and word wall alphabet.

Did I tell you I bought black fabric for my bulletin boards? It's a little unconventional for a second grade classroom, but I have zebra, neon and white accents and borders so It will be very bright when I get things hung up.

Have you entered the giveaway? There's still time! Since my building is closed this week, I brought home buckets of cutting to do! I just printed and laminated the Cafe Poster Set I'm giving away as one of the prizes! I can't wait to hang it up!

Have a super day!


  1. Thanks for sharing those smart board links! :) We can never have too many. Also, you're lucky you get to have fabric on your bulletin boards. At my school, they call it a fire hazard or something ridiculous. If just doesn't make sense. :/


  2. Did you get a good deal on black fabric somewhere?


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