Ready or Not, Here They Come! The Classroom Reveal!

Well, I've done all I can! I'm out of time. It is what it is and it has to be enough! Ready, but not really. I need just one more week. Can we do a rewind please?

It's a work in progress and probably will be for a long time. All of this happened between summer school, meetings, in-service and professional development days, hallway and building closures and a four person switch, each of us moving in as the other before us moved out! I can't tell you how exhausted I am. When the kids arrive, it will seem like a vacation!

 Most of the decorating itself was done in one day with the help of my awesome family and student teachers! I cannot thank my family enough for all of their help and patience during this whole production of a move!  It's not Pinterest worthy yet, but I love my black and bright room! I hope the kids will too! This is my second grade classroom transformation!



Well, what do you think?
 This interesting desk arrangement was my son's idea. I like the students to be forward facing for the first week or two, then we move into groups when I know who will work well together.

This is my crazy colorful behavior clip chart. I left lots of room along the ribbon for my many clips that the kids get to paint and decorate next week at the starting card and to allow it to be very flexible.
 Next to it are my Beanie Babies reading strategies posters and a large closet that will be the location of our listening center when we're ready to roll with Daily 5.

Classroom jobs and genre posters are by my glider for morning meeting and to refer to during read alouds. As we study each one, they will be moved to the focus wall. Anything that has to be moved often is on the board with Bucky Ball magnets. Our Common Core I Can Statements and Focus Wall Poster Set will be in the center board. The borders are dots on black by Creative Teaching Press which I just love because they go with anything! The boards which span the entire wall are covered with black fabric to last. It took three solid days to do the fabric and borders! What a job! I love my alphabet by Kristen at Lady Bug's Teacher Files! 

A boring wall jazzed up with some fans from the party store hot glued to the wall. These shelves are full of my word work materials and some manipulatives we use often. I have bright and black labels made, but will have to replace them later on.

This is my freebie CAFE poster board. All of the Strategy cards will be added as we work on each skill. 

On the first day, we get to know each other by making a chart. Each student thinks of something they like that begin with the same letter as their first name. The kids come up with some really clever answers for this! Last year's class poster will be used as an example. This way, we get to learn how to read each others names as well. We reread the chart every day the first week. I have six of my first graders again this year so they'll have to come up with a new idea!

This will be the cozy reading corner and classroom library. The hundreds of books I have need more sorting by AR level and then the basket labels will be added. I bought the black baskets and bean bags at Walmart and hot pink and bright blue baskets from Dollar Tree. I bought out every store in town but still need more! 

So those are all of the pictures I have for now. I finally had to stop decorating and focus on team planning, my lessons and activities for the first week!  

I'll be back when I can breathe again with more close-ups, bulletin board pictures, cubby pictures and some photos of our first days fun!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend! It's my last summer hurrah! 


  1. Your room looks great! Have a great first day next week!

  2. Thank you Melissa! I just purchased the reading logs and absolutely love them!As you can see, they go perfectly with my room theme! I really appreciate you making those and posting them so quickly! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow! Your before/after transformation is amazing! I love your desk arrangement. I'm a Michigander too. :)
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. Your room looks awesome! I love the way you set up the desks!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  5. We have CAFE in our bloggie titles! I love it! I was inspired to name mine after my new spin on the literacy CAFE that I am trying this year called the Critter Cafe! Stop by anytime for a visit!

    PS~ Your room looks so fun! The bean bags are my favorite!!


    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  6. I'm so embarrassingly behind in email, I'm sorry!! I did get your message, thanks for letting me know! I adore your room and I am so glad the signs could work with your scheme :) :)


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