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It's Where I Teach Wednesday!

I teach in a very large suburban school district in Michigan. I teach in my neighborhood school, so I'm a bit of a celebrity around town which can be both a good and bad thing! It's fun when I run into families and catch up with them but sometimes I just want to go unrecognized, so I'll go incognito to the grocery store and pray that no students pass by the house when I'm in my grubs doing yard work!

For several years my son was a student at that building and we went to school together! We both have mixed feelings about that as we look back.

I've been working away in my classroom getting set up and it's not yet ready for pictures to share. My plan to take pictures of the school itself didn't work out either because the hallways are being waxed so instead, I'll just give you the link to our school website! You've really got to see this fabulous site! Just click on the picture and browse around a little! You may get some inspiration for your own school!

This is the giant dream catcher in the atrium. We have beautiful Native American artwork throughout the halls. Our buildings are all named after Native American Tribes.

I'm proud of our school district, the programs it offers, the high academic standards we have and our wonderful staff! It's a great home away from home!

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