Reading A-Z: Projectable Books!

Do you use Reading A-Z in the classroom? I do, but honestly, I have not been using all that the program has to offer...until NOW! A few weeks back a trainer came to our building to tell us about some of their new features and that's when I discovered PROJECTABLE books! We did one whole-group reading lesson and it was so much fun!

This time of year, I start pulling out my bag of tricks to keep students engaged and focused. One thing that works every time is something new and exciting on the SMART Board. If you are not familiar with the technology features in RAZ, here is a little tutorial so you can try it out!

Log in to your account and open the Teacher Corner tab. Under the TECHNOLOGY heading you will find all of the info you need. Click on PROJECTABLES to read all about the tools and features.

Search for a book as you normally would, either by title, topic or level. Scroll down the page to look for the link.

We are getting ready for a field trip to go see the new Disney Nature movie, Monkey Kingdom, so this book on gorillas was perfect for our lesson! The interactive tools allow you type in text, highlight text, draw and add stickers.

Before reading, we typed in facts that we thought we already knew about gorillas. During reading, we used some of the stickers for annotating. They are not a perfect match for our close reading activities, but we made them work! After reading, we will summarize what we learned. The students will also get a small pocketbook of this story to reread and bring home to share with their parents. 

Reading A-Z also has full lessons and many printable resources for vocabulary work and comprehension, not to mention lots of fun booklets.

 If you have a chance, try out the projectable stories and browse around a bit. 
You will be glad you did! 

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  1. Thank you for this step by step user guide! I will definitely check it out in my classroom tomorrow. I use a to z, but I haven't tried projectables yet.


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