Five for Friday! A Peek at our Week in Second Grade

I can't believe how much activity we crammed into one week! It's going to be hard to choose just five things for this link up for Five for Friday! Where to start?

Well, the most exciting thing was Teacher Appreciation Week of course! Every day was full of surprises from the boss, our families and the PTO. One of my favorite special treats was a candy buffet!

They had all of my favorite sweets. Licorice Bits, Riesens, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Swedish Fish... it was Heavenly! We got to fill up a bag with whatever we wanted. 
What a fancy display! There were even rhinestones around the jars! 

This was a favorite too for obvious reasons! 
Such a cute card!

It was really nice outside this week so we took advantage of that with like TWO recesses a day! The students had fun while getting in touch with nature. They picked dandelions and filled the holes in the playground tables with them. They are creative Kiddos after my own heart! We also went on a scavenger hunt with our kindergarten buddy class. 

In math, we worked on creating line plots. This was a fun dice activity we did from Teach to Tell. It's called Lucky Number Roll! I especially love the recording sheet. It really gets the kids thinking! 

Another exciting thing was making our Mother's Day project! We worked really hard on our lunch bag scrapbooks to make them a very special gift for Mom!

We also wrote about all of the ways we have grown this year on this cute watering can craft! This is our last bulletin board for the year! 

We still have a month of school left, but today I started taking some displays down, cleaning and organizing. 
The next few Five for Fridays will just fly by! 

  I am glad that some of my extracurriculars are coming to a close so I can get focused on the end of the year with my class. As if I'm not busy enough... I am also the head coach of our Science Olympiad team. Tomorrow 16 of our shining stars in 4th and 5th grade will compete against 80 other schools in our county Science Olympiad Tournament. It's a HUGE deal for us and we have trained intensely all year for this one meet. Today we got fired up with a pizza party and did a banner parade through the school as everyone cheered the team on. Wish us luck!

 Let me tell you, this was SOME WEEK! 
Thanks for stopping by to see a little snippet!

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Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and  Mother's Day!!!

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  1. Good luck on your tournament! My old school really got into those competitions! The students led the groups and took charge to achieve their goals/awards.

    Fishing for Education Blog


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