TGIF! Five for Friday!

Happy first day of spring my friends! Good things are on the way! Welcome to Five for Friday! I'm sharing a little peek at the week in our classroom! You know the saying, "my plate is full"...well, mine has spilled over onto the floor...wait till you see the combination platter that was my week!

For St. Patrick's Day, we tried to keep things low key this year, but is a party day ever easy? Our parents donated all kinds of fun green food items and treats for our celebration. We even enjoyed some traditional Irish soda bread!  My little leprechauns listened to some toe tappin' music and  tried to do some Irish step dancing for brain break. It was a blast! 

The kiddos were so good and calm for me. I think they knew teacher was STRESSED!

By the end of the day, I looked green (maybe from scarfing down three green Rice Krispie treats?) and had the biggest bags under my eyes that makeup just was no match for. 

 It also happened to be report card day. In the rush of it all, I almost FORGOT to hand them out! The bell was ringing and we were scrambling to put them in folders after backpacks were already packed up. 

What would the end of a party day be without a little more excitement??!!

We had two exhausting days and nights of conferences. It's so hard to be away from home two nights in a row. I always have a hard time coming down off of the rush and didn't get to sleep until VERY late on those nights. 

This was my display table for conferences. I went with a theme even though it was after the holiday. I also set out one class book, and some mints (that were eaten by some little munchkins who helped themselves)! One thing I always like to do is to have the parents write their child a little happy note. The children are just so delighted to get their special letters! 

There were munchkins around at conferences because the PTO has our Scholastic book fair set up for shopping. We had a chance to preview it this week. While we were there, I filled up my wish list bucket. I got quite a few books as gifts that I am SUPER excited about. One is all about candy experiments. Oh Yeah! :)

 We have been inviting in some mystery readers! I asked the parent readers to provide some clues about themselves and we try to guess who it might be before our visitor arrives. This child thought her mom was headed out of town on a business trip so was very surprised when she popped in to read on the way to the airport! SO SWEET!

As a reward for the end of the trimester, we always have a snuggle up and read day. It gives the teachers a chance to get the room back in order from conferences and to plan a little for the next week.

 It was a perfectly relaxing way to end our week.
We all had a half day off today WOO HOO!!! so I got some errands done and wrote this post!

Thanks for joining me today for Five for Friday friends! 
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 Have a great weekend!


  1. Two nights of conferences! You must be exhausted - that's a lot! I'll have to look for that candy experiment book when we have our book fair in a few weeks! I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight!

    1. Beyond exhausted! I will read through the book during our break in April and maybe whip up some lab sheets to share that go with the experiments! :)

  2. I had some students who were adorably dressed for St. Patrick's Day and I NEVER TOOK PICTURES! One girl had a green, fuzzy mustache. One had a simply glamorous dress! I can't believe I let myself get too busy to snap some pictures. We had report cards due, a book fair, and conferences this week, too. I'm so glad it's Friday! Phew! Have a great weekend.
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. LOVE mystery readers, and that was one of the sweetest surprises I've heard a parent do! Bet she was super excited!

    Love a good pajama day at school! We would only do ours right before Christmas break and do a "Snowed In" day. (Funny because there's no snow in Florida, so we often had to explained what snowed it means.)

    Fishing for Education Blog


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