Five on Friday the 13th and a LUCKY Giveaway!

No matter what the calendar and superstition says, I'm feeling very LUCKY this Friday the 13th to be doing something on the computer that is FUN, like blogging! It was one stressful, tiring week of working on assessments, data entry and report cards for what seemed like an eternity! What a great feeling knowing there is only one more round after this! Welcome to for Five for Friday- a linky party with Doodle Bugs Teaching! I'm sharing a little peek at the week in our second grade classroom (the fun parts anyway) and some info about a LUCKY spring *giveaway*! Are you feeling lucky? 

Coffee was my best friend this week. I had the hardest time getting up every morning because I barely slept more than three solid hours a night. This year the time change really messed me up. How about you? I picked up this awesome mug at Starbucks. It is really BIG so just the right size for me!

We are still working our way through every Tomie dePaola book we could find for our author study! This week was Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato, Big Anthony, His Story and Strega Nona! I had fun practicing my Italian during the read-alouds! The kids loved all of the stories! We worked on character traits with Jamie O'Rourke in our reading response journals!

The students were estimating and measuring this week in as many ways as you can possibly imagine!
One of the days, they measured their way around the room with a length of string one yard long. 

In number corner, we are also working on solid figures and identifying shapes by number of faces, edges and vertices. We assembled a cute little shape book to add some cut and paste fun to the unit.

The kiddos made this cute leprechaun craft but they are not quite done yet as you can see. Monday we put the finishing touches on like sprinkling gold gitter on the coins and giving the peekers a face! The plan is to display them for conferences next week. The students came up with some really clever ways to catch a leprechaun!
For our fun Friday activity, I gave them their own little pot of gold to snack on during movie time! 

  My friends and I are getting together for a LUCKY little pre-holiday GIVEAWAY! *10 winners* can win a huge POT FULL OF LOOT! Be sure to stop by Primary Powers for a chance to win some great classroom resources! 

Click on the picture to check it out!

 Thanks for joining me today for Five for Friday friends! 
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 Have a great weekend!

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