One Word New Year Resolution

If you could sum up a New Year resolution in just one word, what would you choose? One short but very BIG word immediately popped into my mind. It is something I struggle with on a daily basis and it just drives me bonkers! I want to stick with my goal this year so I'm not even going to call it a resolution. This year, it's more than that! I will be on a MISSION! 

What I want to improve can be summed up in this one word!

FOCUS has several meanings. I think all of them are just SO perfect for me!

focus: to concentrate
focus: a thing or place that is of greatest importance to an activity or interest
focus: a guiding or motivating purpose or principle
focus: to view clearly

Spending a day managing a busy classroom of 28 seven year olds can cause anyone to feel like they have attention problems. It's hard to ever have a complete and organized thought without an interruption of some kind. It's a day full of constant distractions. But I also believe that life and teaching has gotten so COMPLICATED lately that it is challenging to stay on track when there is so much going on at once and so many demands. Do you feel like this too?

I can only imagine how much more effective and productive I could be at work if I could only FOCUS better. To me this means... better concentration, prioritizing tasks, sticking to a plan, and accomplishing as much as possible so I can then focus on the things and relationships that matter most in life inside and out of the classroom.

Right now, I'm honestly not sure what my MISSION will look like but here is a tentative plan:

  • limit distractions I can control like email alerts
  • make lists and remember where I put them!
  • no chit-chat during prep (mornings only)
  • finish something before moving on
  • simplify life in and out of the classroom
  • stick to my lesson plans and schedule
  • begin with the end in mind
  • be at my personal best every day
  • get out the reading glasses so I can actually see my math TE!
Hopefully my improved FOCUS will come in baby steps and I'll be able to notice a change! We'll see! :)

Have some fun with the gals at Primary Powers and head over to link up or share your one word too! 


  1. I hear you about now chit-chat during prep. It's so hard to stay focused when I have so many great co-workers who want to check in. Any great tips on how to give them the shoo-shoo without hurting feelings? I'd love to hear them because I could stand to focus a bit more during prep! :)

  2. That's a great word! I think we could all use a little more of that now that technology is here to stay!!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First


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