Weekend Warriors: My November Necessities

Is there something for the classroom or home you feel you just can't live without? This weekend, the Warriors are here sharing our must-haves with all of you! I hopped around yesterday to visit all of the blogs too and got some really wonderful ideas for my own classroom! The fun continues today with our Sunday edition of November Necessities!

This blog topic is wide-open because there are so many things in life that we have come to rely on and the lines are blurred with what is actually a WANT and what is a NEED! I decided to focus on sharing a few of my personal favorites that I can't image doing without. 

At the top of the list obviously is my morning coffee. I don't have time to stop for anything fancy, so I brew at home in a regular coffee maker. It's a half and half mix of ground Starbucks Cafe Verona and good old Maxwell House. I do not drink coffee at any other time of the day unless I am out shopping on the weekend and stop by Starbucks for a treat. I just have one super-strong, cream only espresso-like cup. Nothing else happens until I have had my coffee so it is pretty much a need. If I ever run out of Coffee Mate creamer, it's a definite crisis! 

These are my fridge magnets! Aren't they cute? 

One of the BEST things I ever invested in is a home security system. It is so worth the initial start-up cost and small monthly fee for peace of mind. I can remotely arm or disarm it from my phone while I am away. I have emergency buttons for EMT, police and fire department as well. 

Speaking of safety, I have nightlights throughout the house so that when I get up in the early morning or walk around at night, I can find my way! I like these pretty ones from Brighton. 

Cold weather is here and one thing I cannot stand is getting into a freezing cold bed.
 A heated mattress pad turned on for a few minutes helps me sleep well. That is a necessity!

Gizmos. gadgets and all things technology are things I have come to rely on. Without the Internet, my computer, iPad and phone, I would be in a world of trouble.
 I also crank up my music while I get ready in the morning or clean the house. 
I NEED that for motivation. 

My stylist is always booked and so when I can't get in to see her and my roots are very scary, I touch up myself at home. 
This is my go-to product! I would have to go into hiding without it!

My newest discovery and one that has saved my skin is coconut oil. It is in the baking aisle at Target. It is in a solid form at room temperature, so I keep a plastic spoon nearby. It liquefies in your hand. I use it EVERYWHERE, even on my face!  It's a little oily at first, but then soaks in nicely. It really is something great to try for a great price!

I hate when my freezer is full and I can't find things because they get pushed back in my side by side. I have a chest freezer in my garage. It is great for large items that don't fit and for stocking up from places like Gordon's or Market Day. When life gets crazy, it's frozen food time!

When it's freezing outside, a necessity here in Michigan is winter weather wear. A North Face long coat, winter snow boots and lots of accessories are a MUST! 
Ha! I REALLY hate the cold, so of course that is not true, but being covered from head to toe in the right gear is the way to go! 

What's on your list?

Head on over to see what my friends are sharing today! 
I will be right behind you!


  1. I love your list! I definitely need to try out coconut oil - my skin is desperate for some moisture with this wacky CA weather! A heated mattress pad - oh my word - amazing!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Coffee is definitely a necessity! I love the magnets. I don't know how you deal with the cold Michigan winters (I'm a wimpy native Californian living in a desert...clearly cold weather is not my forte). You are way tougher than I am, that's for sure! I'll bet you look absolutely darling bundled up in all that cute cold weather gear. Stay warm this season, my friend!!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. I have a chest freezer too that I could not live without! Best thing ever, especially with little boys living at home, right?!!! I agree with coffee being a must-have! Best way to start the day! Now, that heated mattress pad, WOW!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers


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