November Currently and a Giveaway

Hello November! It's a new month of currently fun with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade! Here is what I am up to!

I am LISTENING to all kinds of strange noises in the house as the funace kicks on and the house begins to expand from the cold outside. I'm just hoping to get through the winter without a major house catastrophe. It is now, at about the 10 year old mark, when everything begins to fall apart. Cha ching!

I just got back from treating myself to some black bean soup, which I am LOVING... from Panera Bread. I've been on a soup kick lately.

Monday should be total chaos, I'm THINKING about the 30 students staying after school to try out for my Science Olympiad team. I have a written test and some building challenges planned for them. Hope all goes as planned! You just never know...

This was a hugely productive day of cleaning, laundry, item updates and errands. I just think how much more I could accomplish if I only had another day. I am WANTING another Sunday please!

I am really NEEDING my candidate to win the race for Governor on Tuesday. A win will mean great things for teachers and Michigan schools. We have lost so much over the last few years.

Does reading email count? Keeping up with READING and replying to school, personal and business emails keeps me very busy. I'm not a big relax-and-read kind of person. If I sit down for five minutes during the day, I would rather watch TV.

So that's about it for now!

My friend Angela from Hippo Hooray for Second Grade
is celebrating a milestone! It would be great if you could stop by to congratulate her.

I'm helping her celebrate with an item for her giveaway!
 You will want to check this one out!
 There are four prize packs from some of your favorite bloggers!

After that, be sure to stop by to see who else has linked up for this month's currently!


  1. Jeannine,

    I found your blog via the November Currently linky (and your comment on my blog :-) ). That black bean soup sounds delicious!

    Psyched to be in 2nd!

  2. How have I not seen this adorable little blog. I can almost taste the espresso. So cute!! I found you through the linky as well. And don't feel guilty about reading your email. I feel as though half my life is shuffling through my own email messages!


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