A Great Blog Discovery!

I sure hope all of you will enjoy the extra few days off to work in some feasting and relaxing this week! Maybe you will have some free time to spend on the computer! I wanted to let you know about a great blog that I just discovered! Not only is it so stinkin' cute and totally my style, but this gal has TONS of wonderful ideas to share. She has a sweet job as a computer lab teacher so is very tech-savvy!


You really must go see Denise and say hi. I'm thinking she may be just getting going in this bloggy world and can use some new followers and some sweet comments! 

While you are there, check out her technology alphabet posters and CD daisies! She also created an AMAZING Instagram poster. I do believe I spotted my fonts on her visual lesson plans! That always makes me happy! :) She has lots of great tips and tricks to share, so head on over if you can. Just click on her button above.

Once upon a time, I wrote my first blog post at First Grade Gallery. A sweet blogger named Kayleigh gave me a shout out and sent some new followers my way. What a thrill it was to get 45 new followers in one day! My gosh, that seems like FOREVER ago! Let's work together to help out a new friend! Denise also shares her favorite blogs, so you may find others there to follow as well.

I'll be blogging tomorrow, on my first day off, to share a really neat Native American writing activity the class worked on this week. It was a blast! Hope to see you back!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm her newest follower. Her tech alphabet is creative! It would be great to hang on the computer classroom!

    Fluttering through the Seasons


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