Candy Corn Experiment and Freebie

What would Halloween week be without a little candy corn? You couldn't pay me to eat it, but it sure does make for one great science lesson! You can even whip this one up for tomorrow if you wanted to add some science fun to your crazy day! This is one activity the class will remember!

All you need for this one is a small cup, some water and one piece of candy. You can give one to each student or just use one demo for the whole class to come to observe. 

The students asked the question...What will happen when I place a candy corn in water? Most students thought it would dissolve ( YES! They didn't say melt!). Others thought it would get bigger like our gummy bear did in the last experiment, and some thought it would get mushy. 

The changes happened quickly as the students exclaimed that the candy corn was shedding its skin! There is a candy coating that gives the candy corn its shiny smooth texture. That part separates and floats away first.

We waited for about ten minutes and then observed our cups again. 

What was left looked like orange Kool-Aid with a white floaty blob. 
Not a very scientific description, but it works! 

I made a recording sheet for this experiment. 

You can download a copy {here} if you like!
 There's an all black and white version too.

Are you all set for the big day tomorrow? It's the perfect set up for little angels to be transformed into ghouls, isn't it? Kiddos are so excited and going bonkers right now. Something like this might be the perfect thing to keep the calm for at least a little while! 

Here's a throwback this Thursday of my sweet little trick-or-treaters when they were little! 

I wish we could do it all over again!

Whatever you do tomorrow, have a very happy Halloween!

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