Boo to You! Halloween Freebies!

Kids get so much candy on Halloween! One of my gift ideas this year is to keep it simple and give my students something that I know they will really treasure once the Halloween hoopla ends. A night without homework! YIPPEE! 

If you are still working on an idea for your students, you can grab this little freebie {here}. 

Tonight I am off to spread some holiday hauntings in my neighborhood as I BOO the two teen girls who live down the street. It is great fun to go ring their doorbell at night, run away and hide behind a bush, have a good laugh :) and watch them open the door to find their surprise on the porch!
This is what I got them this year:

No candy, but something from Bath and Body Works I'm pretty sure they will think is very SWEET anyway! 
All of the kids in my neighborhood are growing up, but I refuse to give up this tradition!

I made a new sign and directions so I thought I would share it! 
If you want to start a fun tradition in your neighborhood this Halloween week, you can grab the Boo sign {here}. 

We also BOO at our school. 

You can find the signs for classroom to classroom fun {here}.

I just need another non-food item gift to pair with the homework coupons.
Any great ideas???

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