Apple Experiment~ Simple Science Fun!

Apple week is so much fun! One of my favorite activities is to introduce the scientific method to my kiddos with a quick and easy science experiment. It takes just a few easy-to-find materials and a few minutes of time~ the perfect combo for the busy teacher!

We wanted to see which liquid would keep our cut apple slices from turning brown. You know the experiment and the results! In a perfect world, each student would ideally have their own apple slices and materials, but we did it whole-group instead. This was such a great way to set up the table and all of the credit goes out to my student teacher, Liz, for this one!

A while ago, I came across this great recording sheet to use.

  Each child came up to the table to make their observations. 

 We also put the apple under the document camera and displayed it on the SMART Board so everyone could see!

This was super simple, apple~icious science fun!
 The kiddos loved being little scientists and I loved watching their excitement! 

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  1. What a great idea! And so easy! :) I have been looking for some quick science activities to do with my kiddos, thank you for sharing this one.

    Not Just Child's Play


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