Star Student~ All About Me Posters!

Everyone loves a chance to be the center of attention! Do you acknowledge a Student of the Week in your classroom? A fun idea I have used with my littles is to give each child a turn to create a special poster as a take home project and display it on a Star Student bulletin board! This is also a great way to help the class to get to know each other better throughout the year.

All About Me Tees! 

The posters come in black and white, so this one above was a work of art!

So who get to be my Star each week? There is no rhyme or reason to selecting who the Star will be. Everyone will get a turn. But somehow, the students always respond well if I tell them I am watching them to make my decision!

A Family Project
I send the prized poster home with the chosen "Star" along with directions for the parents, in a big bag or cardboard tube several weeks in advance. Open house in the beginning of the year would also be a good time to have the parents take the poster home and work on it slowly because they do take some time and are a super cute keepsake.

The students may decorate their poster any way they like and in my letter I encourage the use of crayons, stickers, craft items, glitter and all sorts of creativity! 

You can download this letter (editable) from my Dropbox here.

Of course our Star Student also gets special privileges like reading in the beanbag chair, the front of the line and all of that important stuff too!

Superstar Presentations
When it is presentation day, usually a Friday for us, the Star reads and explains their poster to a group of super attentive classmates. They love this time to shine!
 Afterward, the class may ask some questions and the child will answer them. This is a great activity to practice speaking and listening skills.

 I start shopping now for things I know I will need next fall. 
I love the option to bring it in and store it away for the summer rather than keeping it at home.
 Even better is to order online and have some items shipped directly to the school!
I just placed my order from Really Good Stuff for next year's Stars!

What great ideas do you have for celebrating a STAR?


  1. The posters always turn out so cute and they are under 15 dollars for a class set! That's a great buy for a year of sharing time and an easy bulletin board!


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