Great Earth Day Classroom Projects

How did Earth Day sneak up so quickly? In case you missed my previous posts, I wanted to share a blast or two from the past of a few of my all time favorite activities from my days teaching strictly science to K-5 students! April is Earth MONTH, so there is still time to get a project going!

Have you ever planted grass heads? These are some cute ones on yogurt cups! I usually asked my class to bring in a brightly colored sock. We stuffed them with soil and seed, cut the tops off and added buttons for eyes.

Here's a tutorial

Making pretty recycled, pressed paper is another one of my favorite Earth Day activities!
Making your own paper can be lots of fun, and it's a great way to teach the concept of recycling!
Here are directions for making your own paper.

In the past, I have made large, square-shaped papers and attached a Mother's Day poem. Then, we placed it inside a frame for the students to present as a gift.

Kids love to finger paint!
To brighten up your bulletin boards, you might have students write about ways to care for the Earth and mount this project above their writing.
Just have students trace a large circle on white construction paper. Give each a drop each of white, green and blue tempera paint and let them paint the Big Blue Marble.

How about starting an earthworm compost bin this month?
 Maybe you have a school garden that you could use it for.
The key ingredients are worms, soil, egg shells and coffee grounds. Surprisingly, it never smells like anything but coffee. The kids used to save a tiny scrap from their lunch to throw in each day (no meat). This one is decorated so cute!

You might also like this cute little freebie poem for Earth Day!

 Here is some interesting food for thought from an exhibit I visited over spring break:

I'm going to start! 
Let's make every day Earth Day! How do you try to go green?

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