Classroom Decor Set~ Birds on Burlap~ Beautiful!

Our classrooms are our home away from home. We spend lots of time and money to make it a special, inviting place to be. We clean, we organize, we rearrange furniture, we decorate, we make it our own, right? I just love having the chance to help teachers create the classroom of their dreams and one that will say, "This is me"!

Have you been thinking Spring? Well, picture birds on burlap!
 One special teacher knows just what "look" she is going for in her classroom. She requested a one-of-a-kind decor set in a nature theme inspired by this picture she sent me:

 So... we had a picture to work from and the fun began choosing the various color schemes, graphics, backgrounds and frames for her set. 

These are the pretty birdsnest colors she picked for her design. 
All of her accents were created to match.

They are mixed in for pops of color for her banner, alphabet, signs. labels and binder covers
 along with the birds and burlap backgrounds. 

Here is a preview of a few of the many pieces in the finished set:

You can purchase this decor set here if you are interested.

If you've thought about a new look or new theme, I'd love to design one with you!
Because creating the perfect set takes some time, I normally accept custom orders through the summer months. Please email me if you are interested in more details and to add your name to the list!


  1. I love the color scheme and the birds on burlap...too cute!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  2. Thank you Melissa! I hope she will be very happy with it when it is finished. I'm glad you stopped by! :)

  3. I like the designs. Birds in Burlap is so beautiful. Thanks for this one.

    Conference Venues Melbourne

  4. Where can I order some of this stuff???

    1. Hi Ashlee!

      These pieces are a custom order that I designed for a teacher to fit her theme. This link can take you to my store to read more about working with me to design your own decor set!



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