Melonheadz Addicts!

 I am a proud member of an exclusive club for those not ashamed to admit they have a problem!
I am a clipart junkie especially when it comes to my Melonheadz!

 Here is my official badge:

Members get this badge, access to Melonheadz cuteness, freebies, updates, tons of fun and sales promo codes!

But that's not all...

 Imagine the jaw drop as I discovered an envelope in my mailbox from Melonheadz!
Nikki even sent me this in February! 

What a sweet surprise!
She's the best! :)

To celebrate 220 addicts, Melonheadz is having a giveaway! 
 You can win a membership for yourself or give it to a friend who also has a problem hoarding Melonheadz!

Click on the image below to enter!

Remember to enter our Swap 'Till you Drop Giveaway too right here and at the other blogs swapping products! 
There are still a few days left!
You can see all of the details here

Of course, those are Melonheadz Kidlettes! :)

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