Key Words in Math and Math Symbols Clipart Freebie!

The key to math problem-solving success is the ability to identify important words~KEY words. I love to use props of any kind in the classroom. They are a great way to spark interest and excitement. Anything novel is also memorable! These kiddie keys come out whenever we work on problem-solving. One shake of the rattle helps to draw my second graders' attention to an important word or phrase. The next time you are passing by the baby aisle or going through your little one's toys, think classroom props!

Highlighting the key words as we find them on worksheets is another strategy that is so helpful. 
My class loves any chance they can get to use their markers!

 Looking for more practice for your students? 
There are many free online resources for problem solving printables. has a nice variety of pages for lots of grade levels! 

If you are looking for some display posters, there are some cute ones on Teachers Pay Teachers!
This set is from Lindsay Hill

They are simple, so cute and would go with pretty much any classroom theme!

The Teacher Wife has a great post about her key word anchor charts! 
You might want to see those ideas too!

For games and activities to reinforce key words, you may like this pack by Primary Punch!

Someday I'd like to make my own set of posters to match my bright and black classroom decor. 
It is hard to find the perfect clipart for math symbols, so I made my own! 

You can dowload this Cafe freebie from my Dropbox here
You never know when a hot pink subtraction sign might come in handy!

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