Five For Friday Linky! Our Week at a Glance!

Friday, I LOVE you! I can't remember the last time I was so excited for Friday to be here! It is the end to a super full, but good week, AND my very first Five for Friday link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching! 

 This is a peek at the week in my classroom and behind the scenes!

It's assessment time! Our writing assessment is on a unit from our Being a Writer series. This cute story is the mentor text. It is excellent for talking about author's craft and telling more!

I have these adorable posters hanging in the room and we refer to them during writer's workshop. They go perfectly with my classroom decor. What a find! Thank you Anna!

poster set from Anna Brantley

 We are working our way down the cupboards one mini-lesson at a time! :) 

This week, I introduced procedures for and the process of peer editing
The students did a great job putting their heads together to make their stories better!

The little authors are learning how to write leads
This is an attempt at adding a sound word with our writing about a pet.
BLUHB! Love it!

This student tried a flashback lead! 

Isn't their artwork just precious? 
Meet Fancy! :)

This week, we completed MAP testing in math, then took a break from our series to have some fun learning with Aimee Salazar's Winter-tastic Subtraction Centers

The kids are loving it and we will have more centers left to carry us through another wintery week here in Snow Town, USA!

Speaking of math, behind the scenes, the staff is working to review and rate a number of products we may possibly purchase as our next math series. 

I love my district, because each teacher (and we are an enormous group) gets to fill out a rubric and the math council will consider them all before deciding to either pilot or purchase one of them. We have specific things we are looking for in a series like number talks, rich tasks and real-world connections. Online components are nice, games are a plus and so is a home connection.


Do you use it? Do you like it? Do you wish it had something more? I'd love to know what you think!

It can't be Friday without a Fun Friday activity! 
We made our love-struck owl project to decorate the room and bulletin board for next week's Valentine festivities!

It was also our monthly donut day. The kids enjoyed chocolate frosted donuts with pink and red sprinkles. Sorry, this is not my photo, they were gobbled up before the camera was taken out!

Hungry now? Me too!
 Don't you agree that cooking dinner on Friday night should be banned? It's Jets barbecue chicken pizza for us!

I'm glad you stopped by for the linky! 
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  1. Hello. I totally agree with no cooking on Friday and Saturday, too. It's great that your school district listens to your input.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Susan! I may not get my pick, but it's nice to know we have a voice!
      Amen to Saturdays off too! :)

  2. Just say no to EDM!! Yuck! We've been using it for 14 years, and most of us wish they would have gotten rid of it YEARS ago!! I never cook on Fridays, either. It SHOULD be outlawed!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the input about EDM, Jamie. There is supposed to be an update to align with the CCSS. It's no fun being stuck for that long with a series that you don't like. I'll take your feedback to my team!

      You have a great weekend too! :)

  3. My district is also looking for a new math series. We currently use EDM. Our students have the common core workbooks and teachers can use the online teachers guide for the common core version. Even with that, our math team re wrote everything and its just a mess. We are the largest school district in my state and the spiral concept isn't working. I'd love to hear what other programs you are looking at!


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