Papermonster Laminator for Under Ten Dollars!

Check out this beauty! Yes, you've seen them before on blogs and dreamed of one of your own, maybe. Now is a great time to grab one up because is running a huge sale on Papermonster laminators! They are only $9.99 while supplies last! That's just a crazy good deal and hard to pass up!

I am the proud owner of the 12 inch laminator and it is truly something I cannot live without. When the building is closed and I have to get my posters and labels ready, my laminator has been a life-saver!

If you want to see it in use and read my review on this little beauty click here. I highly recommend this product if you are in the market to hog one for yourself in your classroom or to use at home like I do! You'll need some plastic pouches for it too, which are also on sale!

This is not a paid commercial, just a message from one happy customer!


  1. I've had a personal laminator at home (a Scotch brand), and have been wanting another one just for school. With this price, how can I say no? I just purchased one :)


    Mindful Rambles

  2. $9.99 how can I resist?! Of course the shipping cost was almost just as much as the laminator itself, but hey I didn't want to pass this opportunity up! With the good review, I just had to get it!

    Thanks a bunch!
    I is for Inspire

  3. Yay! I just ordered me a new one!


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