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Happy 2014 everyone! I hope that this new year brings all of you good health, good times and everything that you wish for!

The new year is the perfect time to reflect and make changes both personally and professionally! I am so excited to start some new activities and routines with my second graders! 

It's great when students can be up and moving about, working independently and engaged in fun and motivating activities. It is a lot to manage correctly, so that is my goalMy focus is to include more of these types of learning activities for the rest of the year.

I made this new Scoot activity to go along with our upcoming penguin theme! The kids will be scooting around from desk to desk working without seeing it as work!

Many teachers have trouble accessing a colored printer, so this one is made in black and white and color! 

 I think they are going to love it! I can just imagine them parading around the room like little penguins!

There are also many printables in this Tacky the Penguin pack you might like to go along with a winter penguin unit! Kids just love wacky Tacky!

See this post for more on Tacky and a freebie too! 
Click on the images for each if you'd like to read more in the store! 

You can pick them up on sale right now! 

Graphics from the Pond, Glitter Meets Glue Designs, Kimberly Geswein Fonts

As much as I am not a big fan of dittos, often there just needs to be that piece of paper to hold the students accountable for their learning, to assess strengths and weaknesses, and monitor that the learning goal has been achieved for documentation purposes.

I think it is crucial to spend time teaching my students how to work accurately and efficiently on pencil and paper tasks, because the majority of their learning activities in the upper grades still take that form.

Sending home that piece of paper also helps me to communicate regularly with parents about the learning activities that the students are participating in during the school day! I cannot always trust that parents are asking or that 7 year old students are explaining it well! :)

As so....I LOVE printables that are meaningful pieces of paper not busy work dittos!
Link Up!
I found a great linky for some fantastic COLLECTABLE PRINTABLES, I call them, at Positively Learning!

 Head on over and check it out when you have a chance! 

I linked up a pack that I use for student accountabilty for independent reading and small group instruction. This pack, geared toward younger learners, and my best-selling Reading Comprehension Companion, are my go-to printables for Daily 5 CAFE Menu and Guided Reading.

 All of these printable pages come in a printer friendly black and white version too! You can view more of the description here.

I can't wait to get down to business in the classroom, work on my goal and watch my kiddos blossom in the new year! 

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