A Special Package from The North Pole! Our Classroom Elf on the Shelf!

I love that second graders are true believers! It makes this time of year in the classroom so much fun! The kiddos will be so excited to receive this special package from The North Pole on Monday morning! It's all decorated and ready for delivery!

The box will be kept in the freezer, so it's delivered nice and icy cold. I am asking our Administrator to walk it down to the classroom! He's a great sport when it comes to things like this~ a big kid at heart!

The cute printables for the package came from Danielle's TPT store

Inside is our watchful elf (to be named soon) along with a letter from Santa telling the students all about the him. 

Santa also sent the DVD movie in the box!
 Yay for movie day!

I can't wait start some elf mischief in the room! I purchased Jaime from Bright Concepts 4 Teachers adorable packet too. 

It includes lots of great printables, a student journal and even a calendar of elf placement ideas! 

Both of these products are perfect for teachers looking to add some Elf magic in the classroom!

I'm sure that our new elf friend will motivate the students to be on their best bee-havior during the next two weeks in school. He will be reporting to Santa and I know they will all want to be included on that NICE list! 

Stay tuned for some elfish shenanigans! In the meanwhile, if you are looking for more holiday ideas, you can check out my Christmas Pinterest Board here

Link up your elf fun too! Just click on the image for lots of creative ideas.

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