Apple Life Cycle Lunch Bag Book

Hello Friends!  With the forecast calling for the first snow tomorrow, it's time to say goodbye to some favorite fall things but not without something for my favorite unit~ apples! 

I know you too have probably long said goodbye to all things apple, but perhaps you can file this idea away for next year! While I had life cycles on the brain with the pumpkin lunch bag and was on a roll, I made this for apples!

If you'd like to read more about what's included, click on the image to see it at my shop. Since it's a little out of season, its on sale for a limited time! 

I hope you were able to enter the Fall Favorites Giveaway last week! I'm late with this here apple post, but I just went to the cider mill for one last time a week ago!

I'll leave you with some of my personal apple favorites!
Cooking up crock pot apple sauce in the classroom!
doodle apples from Doodle Art Ally
Rice Crispie cuties with tootsie rolls and laffy taffy.
 mom's homemade applesauce

And the best ever fresh, warm cinnamon donuts and hot cider from our local orchard!


Goodbye apples~ until next year!

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