Tis the Season to Shop Linky!

I'm linking up with Michelle and Erica for a fun post about Christmas shopping! This one is easy! I'm quite an expert when it comes to this topic! :)

I thought I'd get a head start on my shopping this year and avoid the crowd at the stores by shopping online! I found some great deals on shipping and am very happy with everything. I have so many gifts under and around my tree right now! There are some that I can't mention because a certain special someone might read this blog post! There are also many, many gifts for lots of people! Here are just a few of my great finds!

This adorable dress from Kohl's is for my Itty Bitty in Colorado. She had the dress on for her picture with Santa!

  Every kid needs a Santa plate for cookies. This is from Pfaltzgraff. It's also for my littlest niece.

My teenage son, who is big into computer gaming, is getting a Razer gaming keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. They are illuminated in green and will be cool in the dark. He also got a wireless headset for the X-Box, a new phone upgrade and a few other things! He didn't even have a wish list this year, so I hope I did alright!

  Mom wanted some beads for her bracelet. I found two that are special to us for our fun in the sun Florida vacations together.

  My teammates are getting this adorable snowman oil warmer and oils from Bath and Body Works. There were only three left in the store, but I would love to have one too! The pictures don't do most of these items justice!

Speaking of Justice, I bought my Lexi some clothes I hope she'll love! My cutie patootie has just about everything they carry! Girl clothes are so much fun! Thank goodness I have my nieces to shop for!

My almost teenager niece, is really into makeup now and all girly smelly and sparkly things, so I got her makeup sets, pouches and lip gloss from Pink and some Bath and Body stuff she'll love. She also wanted the new Dork Diaries book.

My son picked out gifts for his grandparents and spent his own money buying some gifts for the first time. He picked out cuddly robes, handsome sweaters, restaurant gift cards and all kinds of good stuff for them. He was so proud to come home from a drop off day at the mall with his purchases! I wonder what he got me.:)

The big gift for my special guy was a TV but he wanted it for a combo Birthday/Christmas gift last month. He has some good gifts to open for Christmas too!

I went with gift cards galore for those that had that or nothing in particular on their wish list. This is not my photo, but I do have lots to places like the mall, Bed Bath and Beyond, restaurants close by and their favorite shops.

So, I think I am mostly finished with the exception of a little something here and there for gift exchanges and white elephant parties. Love those!

I made my students an ornament so they will remember our fun times with the Polar Express theme party. My name is on the back of the golden tag. I think I'll also give them a prize pouch coupon and homework coupon along with some kind of sweet treat. I've got another week to decide on something. I was thinking of dipping pretzel rods in chocolate and sprinkles.

 I asked Santa for a North Face coat and a few other small things. :) 

I can't wait to see who else links up. Consider joining in the fun!


  1. Oh yes, Justice. My granddaughter's favorite store too. :)

    Granny Goes to School

  2. Thanks for linking up! I hope you get the North Face!

  3. I have a North Face on my wish list, too! I found you through the linky party as I was checking out the others who linked up. :) Hope you get it!


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