Word Wizards Smartboard Sort Freebie

My little word wizards started differentiated spelling groups and a classroom switcharoo yesterday. Based on a spelling inventory, students were placed in groups by focus skill. We are using the Word Their Way lists and sorts. Our schedule is so full that there will only be 15 minutes and not enough time to cut out and manipulate all of the paper sorts! I made these Smartboard templates for my group. Once I add the words, I can use them year after year!

The spelling sorts are free at my TPT store! You can download the file by clicking on the picture!

This is our week one spelling sort. The majority of the words have the ew chunk, so I decided to have the students sort the words into two main groups~ digraphs and blends. I highlighted them in yellow for visual discrimination. You can easily edit this to do the same. Once I create the weekly sorts, I name them and save them so they will be all set to use again for next year!

 There are endless possibilities with this blank template. I hope you can use it!

Oh Happy Day!

So I opened up the Teachers Notebook Newsletter and was delighted to see that my happy shapes graphics were featured this week! Yay! I can't help but get excited because there are so many great sellers out there!

Thanks for cheering along with me! :)

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