Oreo Spiders Freebie and Giveaway Reminder

What a fun day of learning it was in school today. We had a deliciously creepy science lesson on spiders. The children learned some interesting new vocabulary and learned about spider body parts as we built Oreo cookie spiders! 

Here's a freebie for you my friends! This is only available at my blog. I refurbished this from a reproducible that was passed on for many years. The copy was so old and dark, that I could not read the source to credit. Please spread the word to your friends who may want to download it here! Clicking on the picture above will take you to my Dropbox!

Tomorrow we are making ghosts, Jack-O-Lanterns, Frankies and black cats out of milk jugs. We filled the jugs with a little orange, white, black or green tempera paint and went outside to shake them up! The next step is to decorate them with craft foam and give them faces!

Remember to enter the giveaway for some great gift certificates to use for your classroom purchases! I've extended it through November because I know how busy this time of year is for all of us!

The winds are pounding my house as I type this and I can barely concentrate. Praying for all dealing with Sandy.


  1. I love those spiders, they are so cool. Your students must have loved that activity! I can't wait to see how tomorrow's projects turn out, have fun!

  2. They sure did! Thanks for stopping by Melissa! I will post a few pictures when they are done!

  3. Love your ideas! The Oreo cookie activity is adorable! Thanks!
    The Classroom Game Nook


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