Fall Freebie for Math Fun!

Just a quick post tonight!
We've been having lots of hands-on math fun in our second grade classroom! I made these Fall themed cards for math activities during October! We're using them for a place value game. You can use these for math games your students might play with a deck of cards. The game is similar to war. Each player begins with their own draw pile, one with a set of pumpkin cards and the other with leaf cards. The winner of the round takes all of the cards, including their partner’s, and sets them aside. At the end of the game, the student with the most cards collected is declared the winner! Click on the picture to download this freebie at my TPT store!

There are two days left for the laminator giveaway! Excited to announce the winner!

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  1. Cute! Thanks! I pinned and passed along! I like how you can use the cards in a variety of ways!

    Rachael Parlett
    The Classroom Game Nook Blog


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