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  This is an add-on to a previous post and I've linked up with Run, Miss Nelson's Got the Camera for a before and after classroom disaster to classroom decorated and delightful post! Mine is a work in progress and with only a few weeks left, I have lots to do so read on and I'll add on as my classroom vision is revealed!

Ahhh...It feels so good to sit down and write this, to take a load off my feet and my mind and to share with you my exhausting and exciting Day 1 adventure to a new room!

Before you read on, I just wanted to remind everyone that my First Fabulous Followers Giveaway starts tomorrow! This will be my first time using Rafflecopter so we'll see how it goes! I'm all set up so check back to see the awesome stuff I've got in the works! It's a theme giveaway~ Creative + Lesson + Cafe! 

I've changed classrooms, positions, grade levels and buildings so many times over the course of my teaching career but all by choice. I love a new challenge and meeting new staff! It keeps me motivated and inspired! But... I will be retiring from this room! This is it. Really. I swear.

I brought my faithful crew with me to help today! I do not know what I would do without them. Five people worked like dogs for five hours and got half- way through cleaning out the old and physically moving my stuff in and I have a lot of it! My family is the best and I am forever grateful for their help over the years!

My old room was a disaster. Summer school is going on in there and not everyone is a clean freak like me. Still, it is my home away from home, you know? I had to rant for a few, then I got calmed down, put it behind me and focused on a plan of action for the great move.

This is how I found my old desk:

You can imagine what the rest looked like! Yikes! Needless to say, I was nervous about what I would find in the room I was moving into.

 Ta da! This is how I found my NEW room! Whew! 

A welcome sight, all clean and bare, until I opened the cupboards and drawers to find every one full of old, filthy, dusty stuff left behind by a retired teacher who thought someone might need it. Such a sweet lady! But it's just got to go!

The dumpster was my best friend today! There were also about ten garbage cans and several recycling boxes full by the time we left. Have you been there? My guess is most of us has had to do this at least once. If you have a moving horror story, feel free to share it!

Everything in the photo on the tables, floor will be gone. Anything remotely usable was cleaned, organized and stored.

Here are before and after photos of my storage closet:

Eww...what you can't see are the dust bunnies, filth, cabinet clutter, 25 year old overhead transparency binders, outdated yellowed worksheets, old electronics and cobwebs galore. I wish I would have taken a picture!

 We formed an assembly-line and handed it out. Mom cleaned all afternoon! I pitched things out guilt-free. Our sweet substitute custodian gave it a mop.

Much better now! There's enough room in there for a rug and listening center! Wheels are spinning already!

Every cupboard is empty now and all wiped out! Wait till you see the stuff I have to put away!

We moved book cases full of books, full file cabinets, small fridges, several tables, microwaves and so much more back and forth down the hall with a flat bed and a dolly. It was a back-breaking day for my hard-working hunny who had to do the heavy lifting! 

Look at the room now! Here's a fourth of my stuff. It's piled high to the ceiling! The other fourth I put away already. Good grief! But I really do need it all. Thankfully I have many cabinets, a classroom storage which I just showed you and a pod area storage room. But at the moment, they are all full of old stuff too.

 Look in the back of the room. There is a cute corner window area behind my desk! I imagine a cozy reading corner back there. To the left an entire dividing wall that is a bulletin board. I have a love/hate relationship with that wall. It's got to be covered in fabric with border and decorated~ a three day job. There will be lots of room for my Cafe posters, bunting and daily schedule, CCSS, classroom jobs and posters!

I've got my work cut out for me, so won't be doing much blogging that's for sure! I'll need one more full day with help to move the rest of the stuff and then the fun part begins, organizing and decorating! I'll be happy to share photos of my work in progress!

This was a hugely productive day! Feeling overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time. Somehow it always gets done!

Add on from days 2 and 3:

After two backbreaking, dirty days of physically moving my classroom down the hallway and cleaning, I was finally able to start organizing my many things and setting them around where I think they may end up!

Ceiling clips are hung and you can see the floor now! That wall is getting black fabric.

Word Work stuff and manipulatives will go on these shelves when organized.

This will be the cozy reading corner. The books have to be sorted, put in bins and labeled and the cozy added.

My office! Everything at arms reach! There's my new chair!

Feeling accomplished after day three with my motivational posters hung around the perimeter of the room! Lots of fun stuff to do now~decorating! Check back to see my progress! I'm locked out for a week. 

Hope to see you back for the giveaway!


  1. The same thing has happened to me, inheriting a room just full of things some thought I would want (or they didn't want to clean it themselves). What a job! Good luck with everything. Carolyn

  2. Thanks Carolyn! That may be the case too! Thank goodness for people moving about and doing the work to reorganize and pitch. Can you imagine our rooms if everyone left things behind? I'm excited about having a blank slate to design! They won't be Pinterest-worthy photos for a while, but it'll get there in baby steps!

  3. Kudos to you for doing a job well done.....

  4. Thanks for linking up. Great before pictures.


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