Friday Freebie!

TGIF! Wow! What a crazy buzy week! Ended summer on a high note today with a much needed break from school and a day at the water park floating down the lazy river! Wish I could do a rewind of summer vacation! It's been great!

Speaking of great, Vicky at Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After is having a giveaway to celebrate 800 followers! She's got some awesome packets and 8 items of your choice from her shop up for grabs for the lucky winner!

So, the freebie...

This is a fun little icebreaker activity I like to do with my students during the first week. I ask that each student assemble a "Me" box with items and photos that they can use as talking points to share things they like, activities they enjoy or to tell about their family! On the first day of school, I share my "Me" box and the kids really enjoy hearing about all of my favorite things. This is always so much fun! It's a cute thing to have on display for open house too! This is the note I send home. I copy mine on bright paper.

Click on the picture to download the note!

Parent night is right around the corner. I like to have notes or a presentation on the SMARTboard to keep me on track because there is so much to tell in such a short time!

 I just posted an EDITABLE open house PowerPoint presentation. The nice thing is that I've added a lot of content that is general and applies to just about any classroom so it's a great template that may not need to be customized much at all! Click on the first picture to see more pictures and a description at my shop!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love those tips for how parents can help! I wish we had a parent night at my school, I'm sure it's intimidating being I front of all those adults, but such a great time to meet everyone and give everyone the same message :) good luck this year!!

    1. Yes, it is intimidating, so a presentation like this keeps me on track and gives the parents something to focus on besides me! :)Have a wonderful year too Sarah!

  2. Oh! And I like your about me box! I do about me bags, but a box is a fun way to mix it up! And I like that you display them :) great ideas!!

    1. I found that the box also protects their special items while being carried to and from school!


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